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  1. How long will it take to read the information booklet?

The parent video takes about 10 minutes to watch or you can read the parent information booklet which will also take about 10 minutes to read. The child’s video will take about 5 minutes to watch or your child can read through the child information booklet which will take about 10 minutes. Your child may need help reading this.

  1. How long is the study?

You and your child’s participation in the study is likely to last around 7 months. Treatment will be for the first part of this and the longer duration of the study will involve completing 3 sets of questionnaires at different timepoints.

  1. What is OSI?

OSI stands for Online Support and Intervention for anxiety. It is a treatment for children with anxiety that can be accessed by parents online. This is supplemented by telephone sessions with a clinician once a week. The OSI treatment is parent-led which means that a parent has weekly modules to complete to help their child with anxiety problems at home.

  1. What is treatment as usual?

Treatment as usual is what a clinical team would typically offer to families coming into the service for anxiety problems. Typical treatment can vary from service to service across the country and that is why it is referred to as ‘treatment as usual’ in the information documents. 

  1. Can my child take part?

Only some clinics and school-based services across England are participating in the CoCAT study. Your service will talk to you about available treatment options and will discuss the CoCAT study if they are one of the services participating.