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Resources for Families

We have a number of resources for parents/carers who are interested in finding out more about OSI (Online Support and Intervention for Child Anxiety). The OSI section of this website provides information about what OSI is and what OSI treatment involves – please see the links below to be directed to the relevant pages of this website.

What is OSI?

Click here to find out more information about what OSI is.

The Parent / Carer Role

Click here to find out more information about the role of parents/carers in OSI, and to see what other parents/carers have said about OSI.

The Parent Website

Click here to have a look at the OSI parent website – here, you can see some screenshots of what the website looks like.

Resources for Parents

Click here to see a video tour of the OSI parent website and to watch short videos about parents/carers’ experiences of receiving OSI.  

Game App

OSI includes an optional game app for children – find out more on this page.