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The Parent/Carer Role

The Role of the Parent/Carer

OSI is a parent-led, therapist supported online intervention. Parents/carers are asked to complete 7 core modules, released weekly, plus a follow up module. 

Parents/carers are also encouraged to have a go at the strategies that they learn through the modules with their child. This can be discussed during the telephone appointments, held with a therapist each week.

What do Parents and Carers say about OSI?

“The course supported and empowered me”

“I liked the calming colours, big text, found it easy to use, and my child likes the game”

“I work different hours, but it’s just so worth it, how much you learn and the system helps you the way it’s structured”

“Having experienced OSI, I would now confidently say that the online and phone meetings have been very helpful”

“Loved the short parent videos outlining the kinds of everyday worries and fears that OSI can be helpful in addressing”

“Very informative, straightforward to complete on phone”

“OSI is exactly what we needed. We love the flexibility of it”

“The questionnaires took a long time, but I am looking forward to doing them again because I think there will be even more improvement”

“OSI is giving me confidence as a parent”