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What is OSI?

What is OSI?

OSI is an online, therapist-supported platform designed to help children overcome problems with fears, worries, and anxiety.

Online Modules

OSI is made up of 7 core modules, released weekly, plus a follow up module. Each online module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and includes videos, quizzes, and interactive worksheets, as well as built in questionnaires to help parents/carers and their therapists track how their child is doing.

Parents/carers are encouraged to have a go at the strategies that they learn through the modules with their child.

Telephone Support

Each module is released weekly by a therapist, following a telephone appointment with the child’s parent/carer. 

Telephone appointments can help parents/ carers to apply the strategies that they learn with their child in the online modules and address any challenges that might arise.

Telephone appointments typically take about 20 minutes.

Games App

OSI comes with an optional game app that can help to motivate the child to give strategies a try with their parent/carer.

You can find out more about our Games app by clicking here.